"Sun Drummer" is a very spiritual painting to me.  I feel that we are all inspired by others who seem to have a deep connection to a higher calling.  Quietly being in their company and taking in their beautiful spirit, allowing ourselves to begin or continue on a journey for love, peace and beauty.  We are given so many gifts in life that we can joyfully celebrate and share.  

It is wonderful to see horses allowed the freedom to play in the water - splashing, dipping, rolling.  They are just as playful as they are magnificent. 


"Mayhem On the Cheyenne" (lower right) was painted in 2009.  From 1874 to 1908 the Gold Rushers in the Black Hills of South Dakota were supplied by wagon trains running from Fort Pierre, SD, on the Missouri River, to Deadwood, SD.  In 2008, 350 folks with their wagons were invited to reinact this 250 mile experience.  On day ten of this 17 day wagon train, while crossing the Cheyenne River, a stagecoach pulled by a 6 horse hitch had horses decide to double back, tipping the coach into the water.  I created this painting from the reference photos of the tipping, with the rest of the painting's images created from my artistic imagination and from other shots that I had taken of cowboys on their horses.  This painting has been one of my biggest sellers in limited edition prints. 

The relationship of Father and Son - The Father as role model, as a loving and caring guide throughout the life of the son even after physical presence.  And the Son, becoming a man, making his father proud that he is using his gifts to serve others with nobel character. 


"Buffalo Roundup" was created after I had the great opportunity to witness the 45th Annual Custer State Park Governor's Buffalo Roundup in 2010.  I had a chance to ride in the back of one of the park ranger's pickups as he helped the skilled cowboys as they rounded up 1500 buffalo.  The yelps from cowboys as they cracked their whips, the dust, the size and power of the buffalo herd, and the fast paced horses inspired me to create a painting of this amazing yearly event.       

"Wicicala"  is pronounced Wee-Chee-Cha-Lah.  In the language of the Sioux tribe this means "young girl".  I am so in love with the expression of this child.  The feeling I continued to have while painting her smile was a an expression of this thought "The great Spirit has always been there for us, the first people of this land, and shall always be there for us - our spirit can not be taken and if we are torn apart, we will build our rich, beautiful culture again."

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Welcome to the website of Kim Monahan Dady

I hope you will enjoy looking at my work.  I have recently become fascinated with Western Art.   The customs of the Native People and the Cowboy/Cowgirl along with the beautiful Western landscape greatly inspire me to paint.   You will find a variety of paintings in my gallery.  Please do contact me to offer comments, to ask questions, or to order my available original paintings and giclee prints.



"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."  Leonardo Da Vinci 


The painting on the right is called "The Next Ride".  This cowboy's stance and attitude were particularly captivating to me;  I especially liked the way the light played across his body.      

"The Next Ride" 17" x 30"

I22C0227 MASTER.jpg

Sun Drummer 50" x 35"


"Horse Play" 50" x 30"

kim dady_0015.jpg






This is a portrait of Thomas.  I worked to capture the expressions of hope, pride and despair.

"The Honored One" 36" x 26"


"Mayhem on the Cheyenne" 50" x 34"


Mike and Troy Thomas


"Buffalo Roundup" 24" x 18"


"Wicicala" 16" x 20"



"Peaceful One" 18" x 23"


"Companion" 28" x 36"

The relationship between the horse and the first people to live on this land is a beautiful story.  Their bond is spiritual and respectful.  They have been faithful "Companions" through years of prosper and years of suffering and war.

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