Below are the prints available for purchase right now.  If you wish to make a purchase, please contact me via phone or e-mail.

Giclees are printed with a superior printing process using archival inks.  

The canvas giclee is stretched on stretcher bars, 
and has the look of an original painting.   

Archival paper prints show the title of painting under the painting image.

All prints are signed and numbered. 

Prints are unframed.

Shipping charges are only included in the price on "The Next Ride" and "Mayhem on the Cheyenne"

Shipping charge on "Buffalo Roundup" and "Gypsy Women in Florence" is $35.00

and on the "Stella Marillis Chapel" shipping charge is $20.00. 

"The Honored One"

kim dady_0015.jpg


Original Oil Painting

C. M. Russell Art Auction

Great Falls, MT. in March 2012


Giclee on Canvas  36" x 26"



Giclee on Archival Paper  36" x 26"



Limited Edition of 300 Each

"Buffalo Roundup"




Original Oil Painting

Oil on Canvas



Giclee on Canvas  24" x 18"



Giclee on Archival Paper  24" x 18"



Limited Edition of 300 of Each.

"Mayhem on the Cheyenne"



Giclee on Canvas   50" x 34"

(Original Painting Size)



Giclee on Canvas   16" x 24" 



Giclee on Archival Paper 16" x 24"



Limited Edition of 100 on Each of the Canvas Giclees Sizes

Limited Edition of 300 on Archival Paper

"Gypsy Women of Florence"

260695_Gypsy Women.jpg


Giclee on Canvas  26" x 18"




Giclee on Archival Paper  26" x 18"



Limited Edition of 300 of Each.

"The Next Ride"

Monahan 0011(2).jpg


Giclee on Canvas   17" x 30"




Giclee on Archival Paper  17" x 30"




Limited Edition of 100 of Each.

"Stella Maris Chapel"



Giclee on Canvas  14" x 11"



Giclee on Archival Paper  14" x 11"



Limited Edition of 150 of Each